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  • Frogfoot

    Mainstay of the pirate air arm. Relatively slow and easy to kill

  • Flanker

    Fast jet with good anti-ship missile capability excellent at hit and run attacks.

  • Hind

    Lumbering but well armored, this attack helicopter will take position before launching a salvo of rockets.

  • Silo

    Fixed static missile launcher that is impregnable while closed up and reloading.

  • Hoebei

    A fast moving double hull configured warship that launches multiple missiles before quickly withdrawing.

  • CommercialAircraft2

    Neutral commercial airliner. Rules of engagement prohibit you from engaging. Repercussions if destroyed!

  • Bear

    Slow, but heavily armored and carrying a huge missile payload designed to overwhelm fleet defenses.

  • Skyhawk

    Fast jet armed with freefall bombs. Expect a sea skimming flight profile prior to weapon release.

  • Fencer

    Heavily armed, these aircraft will adopt a swept wing configuration when damaged allowing them to quickly flee.

  • Pohang

    One of the larger enemy ship types, this ship class employs both missiles and torpedoes.

  • SuicideBoghammer

    Low tech RHIB packed with high explosives driven by desperate and very committed pirate forces.

  • Osa

    Inshore fast moving boat that packs multiple missile pods for surprise attacks.

  • Type 209

    Submarine that launches multiple torpedo attacks against unsuspecting surface units.

  • Blackjack

    Advanced swept wing bomber that delivers a devastating payload of anti-ship missiles.