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  • Cyclone

    Patrol Boat armed with missiles effective against moderate air/surface threats.

  • OliverHazardPerry

    Guided Missile Frigate effective against air/surface targets and protected by a close in weapon system.

  • Ticonderoga

    Missile Cruiser lethal against air/surface threats. Narrow fire gun provides secondary support.

  • Iowa

    Heavily armored Battleship armed with dual gun mounts highly effective against static or slow moving targets.

  • Armidale

    Patrol boat armed with a rapid fire cannon effective against spread groups of targets.

  • Huchuan

    Lightly armoured, mounting heavy machine guns providing automatic defense against air threats in a large arc.

  • Brandenburg

    Frigate employing an effective general purpose gun and specialised anti-submarine helicopter.

  • Invincible

    Aircraft carrier capable of launching two flights of fighters providing effective area defense.